About us

Frames of Reference is an alternative ezine initiated and run by the first batch of Master’s-level students at the Centre for Media and Cultural Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. It entertains a multitude of questions and frames of reference. Hence the name. It aims to be a platform for alternative media expressions (print, audio, visual and audio-visual), which are critical, rigorous and creative, and do not find expression within mainstream media systems. F.O.R. echoes the philosophy of the postgraduate programmes offered by the Centre, which engage equally with theory and media practice. In the classroom, we’re thinking critically about media and culture as well as learning how to make documentaries, responsibly and reflexively. We hope to apply this approach to intellectual enquiry to our work in the blogosphere.

So, what’s your F.O.R?

(This blog is moderated and maintained by Subuhi Jiwani. Others students involved in the blog include Bhargavi Narayanan, Shilpi Gulati, Shalini Nirmal and Smita Lakra.)



4 responses

2 06 2008
Alex M Thomas

Nice effort!

13 07 2008
Frames Of Reference

Thank you. I hope that you will continue reading us. We are actually re-vamping this week. So do check in with us early next week to find new images, words and ideas.

10 08 2008

It is relly nice to know about your effort. I wish you the best .

22 08 2008

nice experiment,hope more

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