About Second Edition Of ‘Frames of Reference’, Centre for Media and Cultural Studies, TISS, Mumbai…

2 12 2009

This is the second year when we, the students and faculty at the Centre for Media and Cultural Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai are holding our annual seminar, called “Frames of Reference”. The theme for the seminar this year is ‘Constructing conflict: A critical dialogue on media representations’. In accordance with this idea of critically analyzing the representation of dissent in media and the political upheavals of the past few months, we have structured the seminars around three themes –

  1. Terror 24*7
  2. Naxalism: Deprivation, Resistance and State Response
  3. The North East: A Fractured Visual

The seminar is an endeavour to take undertake a critical appraisal of media and the modes, according to which it constructs and represents conflicts. Our attempt is to view how the media deals with conflicts in India, keeping in mind our sub themes for the seminar this year, which are the North East agitation, the ‘Naxalite threat’ and the hysteria around terrorism.

The seminar includes interactive sessions with media veterans, analysts and filmmakers as also student paper presentations. The entries for the paper presentations need to be registered with the organizing committee of the seminar and a soft copy of the paper mailed to framesofreference09@gmail.com by the13th of December, 2009.

We do hope that most of you shall choose to attend our seminar and make it a huge success.