Muktmela; An interactive Theatrical Experience

14 12 2009

“We of the middle class believe that we are free, but in reality we have to suffer the indignities of bondage and restriction quite often.”

Badal Sircar

Muktamela, a direct theatrical experience conceptualised by Badal Sircar (arguably the pioneer of the third theatre in India), is engineered towards reminding the spectators of these indignities of life. The idea is to conjure up a situation with elements which would shock and also create a space for engagement with the trappings of various aspects of contemporary life. The ropes that bind us are several ranging from the media, to images of terror, surveillance, censorship, predatory communities, space constraints, violence and conflict etc. Through characters and simulated situations directed towards an active spectator, we attempt to create a thought provoking arena where we can interrogate the contemporary prison we find ourselves in.

Venue: Room No.5

Time: 2p.m to

Date: 19th December 2009.