Speak up!

7 10 2008
A public service ad, directed by Pooja Das Sarkar, Nandita Mary Thomas and Subuhi Jiwani, tries to raise awareness about 10920, a government-run helpline for women. It was made as an assignment for a video class on social communication in January 2008.





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10 11 2008
Gargi M

It was short and hard-hitting. Seek permission to use the link on my blog so that the message can be spread further and I can do my bit to help in that direction.

16 11 2008


16 11 2008
Frames Of Reference

Hi Gargi,

It would be wonderful if you embedded the youtube link of our psa on your blog. I just request that you run the credit-related information with it. You will find it in the post itself. Please also mention CMCS and Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

Do send us a link and we can put it on our blog too.



29 11 2008
Frames Of Reference

Dear readers,

I’m happy to share with you that Speak Up now also finds itself on another blog. It is written by Gargi (see above) and can be read here: http://writingtherain.blogspot.com/2008/11/of-speaking-up-it-helps.html. This link will also take you to the page on which the PSA appears.


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