Missal Mix, Radio TISS: 88.4FM

30 09 2008

From September 15-20, 2008, the second-year students of CMCS attended a week-long workshop in community radio with filmmaker and media activist Stalin K. It involved programming for a (hypothetical) TISS community radio station as well as developing individual radio segments. The week was spent interviewing people on a wide variety of topics and inviting them to record the songs of their choice in the CMCS studio. The result? This 38-minute programme.

To ensure a diversity of voices, students reached out to people across departments, professions, languages, classes, castes, genders, etc. The community members who participated in the programme include faculty, administration, maintenance, students, non-teaching staff, contract employees, security guards, canteen workers, etc.

At the end of the week, the students ‘narrowcasted’ the programme in front of an audience of approximately 50 people. To listen to it, please click on the link below. (The link will not stream audio but will allow you to download the file.)



Pinjar — A review by Ashwini Falnikar

1 09 2008

The only reason why mainstream press recommended the film ‘Pinjar’ as a ‘must see’ was perhaps because it is based on a novel written by an author of the caliber of Amrita Pritam. But the press clearly lied when it praised Urmila Matondkar for ‘best performance’ and ‘great’ cinematography by Santhosh Thundiyil.I see only one reason behind all this lying – to divert the attention from the Hindutva propaganda. The film itself does not pretend to be not promoting Hindutva ideology; in fact it clearly names the main protagonist, Sanjay Suri as ‘Ramchand’. He is a musician, he is working on a project of translating Ramayana into Urdu (so he is a secular Hindu) he also has a good command over Sanskrit. He is a broadminded young, soft-spoken Hindu, rich man as opposed to ‘Rashid’, who is a backward Muslim – since he wears all the markers of being a Muslim, his only wealth is his farmland (and not knowledge/ education) and initially appears indecent since he kidnaps Puro, who is to marry Ramchand. Is it a coincidence that the storyline is parallel to that of Ramayana, where Rama’s wife Sita is kidnapped by Ravana?

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